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Phishing Protection  

DuoCircle protects against phishing attack with Link Click Protection, a part of the Advanced Threat Defense Suite

You’re covered with Link Click Protection even if site content changes between clicks.

You get total protection from phishing and your confidential corporate information is secured because your employees are simply prevented from visiting sites that misuse such information.

You get instant feedback in the form of an alert when a suspicious link is about to be visited.

Link Click Protection automatically checks every clicked link in every email against multiple URL reputation databases, every time the links are clicked. You’re protected from harmful phishing attacks and click protection is in true real time.


Outbound SMTP 

When the goal is the delivery of your company’s email to your clients’ inboxes safely and securely, choose DuoCircle’s Outbound SMTP Service.

Your business needs to focus on the results of email marketing campaignsnot their management.

Implementing your own email delivery solution can be a huge challenge due to the amount of effort required and the money involved in constantly managing your IP reputation, DKIM keys, and DNS, not to mention the time spent and lost managing malware outbreaks.

DuoCircle’s Outbound SMTP is a well-managed SMTP service with strict guidelines and policies to protect the reputation of every piece of email sent out by you.


Spam Filtering  

The DuoCircle Spam Filtering Gateway includes all the features you would expect from an enterprise email gateway, but only costs a fraction as much.

Our cloud based email gateway filters 99% of spam with a 0.0001% false positive rate with our commercial grade spam filtering engine.

Only legitimate email gets to your employees inbox, keeping server-clogging spam off of your network.


Email Archiving

With DuoCirlcle’s secure email archiving solution, you enjoy a host of features without the expensive and complicated in-house infrastructure. 

Integrates right out of the box with Office365 and G Suite

There’s a ton of benefits, that you can enjoy knowing your data is in safe hands when you sign up for our email security services. that includes total protection from phishing threats.


Email Backup MX

Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

As a business owner or system administrator you know just how critical your email is for your users, and having a correctly configured Backup MX service is a critical part of your disaster recovery plan.

The last thing you need  when you’re scrambling to solve problems is worrying about lost email. There are dozens of reasons why your mail server may go offline and become inaccessible.

These may include an Internet connection outage, a server reboot, patching or software upgrades or even a complete and catastrophic failure of your mail server.


Email Continuity

Server Outages Look Like They Never Happened.

Now your team can read and respond to emails even when your mail server is down.

Imagine the serious impact on most business’s productivity if your employees were not able to send or receive email for several hours or even days?

 Have you wondered, how long your business would survive without email?

Email is still the number one communication tool for both internal and external communications. Without email, most businesses are at a standstill. And, this is why enterprise email security is critical to every organization.

DuoCircle Email Continuity – lets your business run even in the event of an outage.








Phishing controls

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