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Cyber Essentials

The Internet offers many benefits but online activity also leaves many organisations – from large corporates to SMEs – vulnerable and open to hacking and the theft of customers’ personal data. Basic protection is therefore an absolute must.

In 2014 the government launched the Cyber Essentials scheme. Based on a set of five key controls that are designed to establish an effective level of cyber security, implementation of these controls leads to certification that will demonstrate to your customers, suppliers and business associates that your organisation has put in place robust cyber security measures.

 Block 80%* of cyber attacks in just five steps

Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
Devices designed to provide a basic level of protection when your organisation is connected to the Internet, they prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks.

Secure configuration
The security measures required when building and installing computers and network devices to reduce unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Access control
Protecting user accounts and helping to prevent misuse of privileged accounts.

Malware protection
Ensuring malware protection is installed and up to date and so prevent viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, ransomware and other threats.

Patch management
Ensuring that all software and firmware is fully up to date to resist low-level unsophisticated cyber attacks.

 Still not sure your organisation needs to take action?

FACT: It’s not just companies that take payments online that are at risk of cyber-crime

All SMEs are at risk. Cyber criminals will take any and every opportunity to steal a wide range of data from businesses.

FACT: Hackers do target SMEs

Small businesses are a very attractive target for criminals – simply because of the amount of data they hold and the likelihood that there are few or no preventative measures in place to provide online protection. In 2014 33% of small businesses suffered an external cyber attack.

FACT: Cost and knowledge don’t have to be barriers to protecting against cyber crime

Many SMEs believe that cyber security is beyond their financial means, and others don’t know how to go about it. Working with Octree means you can find the right package to suit your organisation’s needs and will give you the peace of mind that your business is suitably protected.

* Source: National Audit Office review of the UK cyber security strategy

 Isn’t it time you spoke to Octree about Cyber Essentials? Call us on 01462 416400 or email [email protected].


Achieve Cyber Essentials certification with Octree

As a certified organisation Octree will work with you to help your company achieve and maintain Cyber Essentials certification. This validation will strengthen your business credibility and give clients greater confidence that their personal and confidential information will be secure.


We offer a range of packages according to business need. Please note that the specification and prices are for guidance and will be dependent on the size of your organisation (up to 100 employees) and quantity of external IP addresses requiring assessment (up to 5).

 Speak to Octree about Cyber Essentials. Call us on 01462 416400 or email [email protected].

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