Forget your Passwords. Forever. forghetti replaces all your passwords with a doodle and in doing so, does not store any passwords.

Let's talk password management

Forget your passwords. Forever.
Password peace of mind.

It's likely that one or more of your passwords are sitting in a database on the dark web.

Every year there is a list of most 'hacked' or leaked passwords and it always features variants on 'password' or '123456'. These default and straight-up lazy attempts to secure computers, devices and software are a big reason why there are so many security breaches.

That coupled with ever more sophisticated ways of cracking passwords and decrypting codes has lead to a large glut of access codes being brought and sold on the dark web. No matter how well you write a password, there is a big chance you have one sitting on the dark web.

Not just your passwords either, the ones that large companies use to keep your information safe is also at risk. Think about some of the biggest leaks over the last few years, such as British Airways which saw 380,000 leaked user accounts after hackers implanted rogue code on its website.


forghetti is a simple to use password manager designed for everyone. All you ever need to remember is one simple doodle.

Memorable, safe and stress-free.

What is forghetti all about?

Generating passwords in forghetti

Creating a login in forghetti


What is all the fuss about?

  • Removing frustration from our lives...
  • Giving peace of mind when online...
  • Keeping your memory for memories...

Ultimately we want to enable you to buy the dog food, book a holiday, complete your tax return, logon to watch your favourite show, register for fun online services without hassle, without stress and with the confidence that comes from knowing that with nothing saved, you are safer.

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