4G Wireless Internet Access

4G Wireless Internet Access

Most businesses require fast, reliable internet connectivity wherever they are and challenges arise when suitable fixed line solutions are unavailable or the requirement is only temporary. 4G mobile data is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless.

OctreeNet 4G includes a router, preconfigured with a range of data-only SIM packages and bolt-ons, managed via Mobile Manager. Our 4G routers are great value and provide high-speed mobile broadband internet connectivity.

Mobile Manager

Real-time data usage directly from the router is fed into Mobile Manager. Alerts can be set up to monitor usage and bolt-ons added or auto-bars set, to stop overages. You can see when the router was last connected and the uptime of the router via the portal.

Features Potential Benefits
Real-time usage data No risk of bill-shock from out-of-bundle overages.
Super-fast 4G internet connectivity. Fast, reliable access to the internet in any location with a good 4G signal.
Choice of cost-effective data packages from 2GB to 100GB per month with 2GB to 100GB monthly bolt-ons. Tailor your packages to meet the exact requirements of your customers. Flexibility suits your customers and helps your margins.
One-touch Wi-Fi sharing. Easily connect multiple devices to the JolaNet 4G router.
Static IPs available. Ability to connect devices to the internet for real-time monitoring and network access.
Choice of Vodafone and O2 networks. Choose the network that has the best coverage and fastest speeds in your customer locations.
Unique management portal. We offer a managed solution via Mobile Manager, where devices can be monitored and managed remotely. You can access real-time usage data and add-bolt-ons or bar SIMs.
Flexible contract terms. Choice of contract terms, rent the router on a 12-month or 24-month contract. Alternatively purchase the router upfront and pay monthly for the management and the data allowance.
Managed hardware dispatch. Routers are ordered via Mobile Manager.

Please note that the SIM cannot be removed from the router as to do so disables the overage protection facility and exposes the reseller/end customer to significant out-of-bundle charges.

UK 4G Data Only SIMs

Our data-only SIMs are available on either Vodafone or O2 networks.

Initial data allowance

• 2GB • 5GB • 10GB • 20GB • 40GB • 100GB

Bolt-ons available

• 3GB • 5GB • 10GB • 20GB • 40GB • 100GB

Fixed IP SIM 4G Data Only SIMs

Our Fixed IP SIMs are available on the Vodafone network on either 30 day or 12 month contract terms.

Initial data allowance

2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 100GB

Bolt-ons available

2GB SIM – 2GB bolt-on and above 5GB SIM – 5GB bolt-on and above 10GB SIM – 10GB bolt-on and above 20GB SIM – 20GB bolt-on and above 40GB SIM – 40GB bolt-on and above 100GB SIM – 40GB bolt-on and above

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