Legal Services Case Study

A new IT Strategy to support legal service providers

The client
Judicare Group specialises in legal services relating to investments made in property and land overseas, working on behalf of both individuals and businesses. Providing a smooth and cost-effective client-focused solution to recovering invested money from problematic property and land purchases abroad.

The issue
Because of the highly confidential nature of the client data involved, Judicare recognised the need to invest in a proactive information security programme to protect the financial interests of its clients, irrespective of size or nature of account. The company was also extremely conscious of its obligations regarding data protection, especially with so much data being contained on laptops and smartphones often transported across numerous foreign jurisdictions.

Octree’s approach
Judicare is reliant on portable computing and Internet communications, as well as secure storage and archiving. Regular and frequent contact with clients and legal advisors in multiple jurisdictions means that email is the primary method of communication, and all employees routinely use the Internet.

With in-depth knowledge of the professional services sector and the Law Society’s Practice Notes on Data Protection, Octree is able to ensure that the recommended systems and information security procedures and tools are fully compliant. We have established a robust methodology that enables us to create an effective yet flexibly IT strategy, and for Judicare we introduced:

  • A secure online file storage, sharing and collaboration platform.
  • A secure data back-up solution with off-site storage for added security.
  • Encryption services for secure email delivery.
  • A managed full disk encryption solution for all company portable computers.
  • Mobile Device Management for all smartphones providing locator and remote wipe capabilities, as well as policy enforcement and secure email client.
  • A web filtering solution to protect against web-borne malware and control access to inappropriate material.
  • Ongoing monitoring of and proactive support for the company’s IT systems.

Neil Heaney of Judicare says: “Because of the sensitive nature of our business and the absolute need to protect client confidentiality, as well as the need to comply with our legal and regulatory compliance mandates, it was essential that the advice and solutions provided would be fit for purpose as well as cost effective, and proportionate to the risks we face. Our reputation and track record have thrust us to the forefront of investment recovery, and the business could not risk poor security and possible data breaches. The systems and measures Octree introduced have fully ensured that Judicare Group is fully compliant with the Law Society’s stringent data protection standards.”

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